Provider Introduction

What does FundExpress do for me?

FundExpress provides a one-stop-shop for data distribution on your PIE and non-PIE products to industry partners. You upload the data into FundExpress and partners who have permission to view that data can download it when they need it.

What functions are available to me?

The following list shows which functions are available in FundExpress in the order that you are likely to use them:

  1. Upload client data - you take an extract of funds data from your registry in .csv or .xml format and upload this to FundExpress
  2. Upload price data - you take an extract of fund price data for market research purposes and upload this to FundExpress
  3. Permission recipients - within FundExpress, you can set-up rules to ensure that data you upload is available to the appropriate recipients for download


The following terms are used throughout FundExpress:

Provider - A fund provider who will send client and price data to FundExpress.

Recipient - An entity such as a Master Trust or market research company who requires data from the provider.

Funds data - this data is sent to FundExpress directly from a Provider's registry and contains information such as holding balances, prices and tax components.

Market Research data - this data comes either from the Provider's registry along with Funds data, or from a separate unit pricing system. It contains information such as product price data along with related tax components.

Files - these will be in either .xml or .csv format and will be uploaded by Providers and downloaded by Recipients. FundExpress will consolidate information from different Providers into a single file for each Recipient to download, and will include only data that the Provider has permissioned the Recipient to access.

Authorising - Before a Recipient can access data that a Provider has uploaded, the Provider must grant them permission to access the relevant fund and/or market research data.

Manual Data Entry - where a Provider has only a few funds to manage, uploading data files can be inefficient. FundExpress provides a facility for manual data entry, where the Provider can simply login and make the updates directly to the funds online.