FundExpress – the benefits for users:

FundExpress moves data quickly between fund providers and PIP platforms as soon as the data is published.

  • Fund providers - just upload your data, and it will be delivered to your designated recipients. To add recipients, just log-in and connect / authorize them to the correct data.
  • Data recipients – log-in regularly each day and download new data that has arrived from fund providers, or set up an automated data retrieval process.


  • Saves time and money through single point access for your data needs. No need to maintain multiple interfaces or delivery lists of your clients – this one system does it all.
  • Improves accuracy and speed by eliminating tedious manual processes, which are prone to error.

FundExpress is easy to use, with many features:

  • Web-based for easy access by users, password protected user log-in, and https data security.
  • Complies with the ISI standard for inter-fund and market research reporting.
  • Offers file format options – CSV or XML – and translates between these two formats so providers can send, and recipients can receive, in their preferred file format.
  • Full data specification and user documentation provided.
  • Service level reporting, with user prompting and alarms.
  • Delivery automation options for volume users.